Activate my digital identity

Activate my digital identity

Your digital identity is based on a secure card: your identity card if you are a Monegasque national, or your residence permit if you are a resident.

To use a digital identity in Monaco, you will need to renew your identity card or residence permit online with the current renewal or replacement procedure.


Below are details of the procedure to follow in order to obtain a new identity card or a new residence permit:

  • If you are a Monegasque national, please see this link
  • If you are a Resident, please see this link 

Since new identity cards and residence permits are now linked to digital identity, any application is effectively a request for an electronic certificate.

The Terms of Use for identity cards are available here.

The Terms of Use for residence permits are available here.

When you collect your new card, you can choose whether or not to activate your digital identity. This can be done immediately or later, at your convenience.

You will also be issued with a card reader (USB) so that you can use your card to confirm your identity from your PC and access online services this way. 


  • When collecting your card :

The staff member will ask if you want to activate your digital identity. All you need to do is select your own five-digit PIN by typing it on the keypad you are given.

  • At a self-service terminal :

If you did not activate your digital identity when you received your card, you can do so at a later date at one of the interactive terminals available in Monaco Town Hall or the Residency Section of the Police Department. Select the “Activate my digital identity” option and follow the instructions which appear on the screen. 

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