Access a compatible online service

Connect to using MConnect! is a new portal that centralises all the public service procedures of the Prince's Government and Monaco City Hall that can be carried out online, i.e. a catalogue of over 70 procedures.

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Online certificates request service

Thanks to MConnect, you can easily get certificates from the Mairie.

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Access Monaco Telecom myMT profile

You can now access you Monaco Telecom profile using your digital identity. No more need to search for various login and passwords !


Access myNexio profile

Thanks to Mconnect you can now get connected to your SMEG account Mynexio (Electricity and Gaz provider)

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Sworn statement online service

This service allows you to create digitally signed sworn statements. No more need to print and scan documents, this online service is meant to make your admin tasks easier ! 

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Signature by several parties online service

This online service allows you to sign and get third parties signatures who have digital identity, all online. The original docuement can then be shared with them quickly and easily ! 
You need your card and card reader to process this request.

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