Becoming a partner

Becoming a partner

All you need to know about becoming an MConnect Partner

What are the advantages of MConnect ?

Advantages for partners: 

  • Positive identification of individuals based on sovereign identity
  • Verified attributes (surname, first names, preferred name, date of birth)
  • More security, since identity theft is impossible
  • Straightforward integration thanks to the use of open and standard protocols

Advantages for users:

  • Use of a single account to access all online services
  • Easier access from mobile devices
  • Simpler to use: users no longer need to complete details of or prove their identity, since they are identifying themselves with their identity document

How to become an MConnect partner

If you are a private Monegasque organisation and would like to take advantage of MConnect authentication, please contact us using this form.
We will explain the prerequisites for listing an online service with MConnect.

Please read the CTGs related to this topic.